LQR Control Ball balance table

This work provides a comprehensive overview of the design and implementation of a ball balance table system using MATLAB & SIMULINK software and the Simscape Multibody library. The system is modeled with the objective of balancing a ball placed on a table when an inclination is exerted, and the displacement of the ball is influenced by the force of gravity. The chosen control strategy, LQR, is well-suited for this problem due to its ability to minimize the energy or effort required to control the system and minimize the error between the desired system behavior and the actual system behavior.

The physical model of the ball balance table is well explained, with clear descriptions of its various components, degrees of freedom, and assumptions made during the modeling process. The subsequent model development in Simscape – MATLAB & SIMULINK provides a foundation for understanding the LQR control method and its application to the ball balance table system.

Overall, this projetc is well-structured and informative, providing a good understanding of the ball balance table system and the LQR control strategy. Readers interested in the design and control of such systems should find this document helpful for their future projects.